The 2nd National ATAS Gathering held by Scouts Australia at the 25th Australian Scout Jamboree held at Tailem Bend, South Australia 4-14 January 2019.

Welcome to the ATAS World Website!

Here you’ll find many details about the organization such as what the organization is about, how to join, and when we host events.

Important Updates:

Would members of ATAS around the World kindly confirm, verify and to add on to this chart of Top Achievers of senior Youth section and send it to Alex Wong for updating.

Regrettably it seems some NSOs in WOSM have forgone progressive training systems and no longer have a TAS in their NSOs.

About ATAS:

ATAS was formed in 2004 as a loose fraternity to bring Scouts & Scouters who earned a top achiever award when they were Scouts together to encourage more young people to follow in their footsteps and become a top achiever scout

ATAS has quickly grown since then and now has over 7,000 members from 5 of the 6 regions and over 60 NSOs.

The main objectives of ATAS are:
1. To strengthen friendship and solidarity through continued relationships amongst ‘TOP/ACHIEVER’ Scouts in WOSM.
2. To support and complement the work of NSOs and WOSM.
3. To conduct regular activities and /or projects so as to foster fellowship amongst members, their families and guests.
4. To develop networking opportunities for members to share knowledge and experiences.

ATAS does not mean to be rigid or a very centralized organisation, we do not have the human and financial resources to manage such a diverse and large fraternity nor can we preempt/replace/surrogate the programme function of each NSO. Apart from a world event which is often held along with a world or regional Event it is to be co-ordinated by their own Local Chapter.
ATAS will remain a loose fraternity, not unlike the first Gilwell Group –where all Woodbadge Holders could wear a Gilwell Scarf, we wear an ATAS Patch on our sleeves.

ATAS is NOT meant to be an organised and proactive international outfit coordinating and supervising all the functions of its many Chapters by the Central Management Committee.