NAME: The name of the group shall be The Association of Top Achiever Scouts (ATAS World)

MEMBERSHIP: Open to all top achiever scouts from any officially recognized NSO. For example: Queens, King, Tiger, National Flower, SAR, Honorary, Shaheen, Fuji, President, Garuda, Royal Scouts, etc.


To strengthen friendship and solidarity through continued relationships amongst ‘TOP/ACHIEVER’ Scouts in the Asia Pacific Region.

To support and complement the work of the NSOs and the APR. To conduct regular activities and /or projects so as to foster fellowship amongst members, their families and guests.

To develop networking amongst members for sharing of knowledge and experiences.

MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE (World): The Management Committee runs the general operations of ATAS World, the exact number of people on the committee varies from time to time. These members are elected or appointed at the Triennium General Meeting for a term of three years. The committee will consist of the following office bearers; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Director, Membership Director, Webmaster, Advisors, and General Members.

MEETINGS & QUORUM: The quorum shall be at least (10) members. If there are less than the required numbers of members present, the TGM shall proceed to meet but no amendment of the Rules & Guidelines will be allowed. The Management Committee shall meet at least once, every year. The majority of the number of members of the Management Committee present shall form the quorum.

TEMPORARY SECRETARIAT: The office of ATAS World shall be at the World Scout Bureau; Asia Pacific Regional office in Manila, Philippines.

ACTIVITIES, EVENTS & PROJECTS OF ATAS World: The Management Committee organizes activities, events and projects for members of ATAS World. At times, fees to recover expenses may be imposed. The program includes the following; Annual Fellowship Event Triennium meeting in conjunction with the APR Scout Conference Participations at APR and World Scouts Events Visits to NSOs events on invitation by NSOs Camps & Educational Tours Recreational activities such as; Golf, Fishing, Outdoor Activities etc. Fundraising events etc.

INTERPRETATION: In any case of dispute, the decision of the Management Committee shall be final.

 PLEASE NOTE THAT ATAS does not have any Award System or Medal, there
is only ONE official ATAS Patch which should be worn on your sleeve if
permitted by your own NSO.

No public financial appeal is allowed in ATAS.
Offenders will be removed from the roll of members
AND be reported to his/her NSO.